branded construction field office staging area

Vinci Construction Vignette™ | Construction Field Office and Staging Area

This alternate view of a construction field office and staging area emphasizes the temporary construction traffic road on the left within the fence. The truck traffic approaches us from the entry gate at the far left end. The image was used to describe easy access to administration, staging and hoisting, and storage to the left of the truck route (right of the road in this image), and construction waste on the other side of the road. The site fence geometry facilitates visibility of oncoming owner traffic from the right, illustrating traffic safety provisions. This worksite field office compound can be discussed at length using this single vignette. Take a look at the logistics plan markup, the main view of the field office compound, the construction traffic route, or a view of the gates. See the owner traffic (visitors and residents in their cars) view of the construction exit gate.

This page last modified Thursday 31 May 2012.