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Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ | 4d General Worksite Overview

Vinci’s Virtual Construction Montage™ service is a great way to get convincing construction visualization efficiently and economically. Digital modeling is limited to the subject building; context is conveyed by an oblique aerial image. Vinci VCM™ works best when your team is sure of its message and when the project is simple enough to take in most important construction activity from one direction. The montage technique is used also in the production of Vinci Vignettes™. If you’re facing a more complex, multiphase project or need to show your very best effort, try Vinci’s Digital Worksite™ service.

History of this General 4d Construction Overview

Late in 2004 Vinci LLC began to incorporate more digital modeling into its process. Still, all convincing 4d construction visualization required an oblique aerial basis image. All convincing construction visualization involved a montage. Only one year before, digital modeling was used very sparingly, everything besides spindly steel framing was rendered in Photoshop by dead reckoning. One could outrun and outshine the output of any virtual construction software package in the two to four week timeframe required to respond to an RFP. The resultant visualizations dripped with realism. Such realism was important at this medical center, converting a staid medical campus to a new, green, natural campus. This was the beginning of the green revolution; the medical center stressed the importance of its grounds and trees. Showing how these were minimally disturbed was key to the win. Nearly as much time was spent in Adobe Photoshop as in digital modeling software. The building was laid out in AutoCad LT (2004) and ported to AtLastSoftware’s SketchUp 4. Output was stacked and placed in a montage that included the basis photo and amendments. This set of images stood as exemplary of Vinci’s finest work as it was just getting off the ground in December 2004. It was part of a presentation that Vinci LLC produced. The project was level 4½, and included several constructability details, a full interview presentation, and video. See this late 2008 example for an example of a similar but more current Vinci Digital Worksite™ project.

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