Construction Community Relations Vignette

Vinci Community Relations Vignette™ | Demolition Aside a Hospital Traffic Lane

Vignettes can be taken to a higher level of finish, employing the montage technique. Some elements are furnished from a simple digital model, with one or more site photos providing the context and backdrop. Montage vignettes are powerful because they start with easily-recognizable context, instantly connecting to a user group or community audience. The drawback of relying on montage to convey context is the heavy editing that may be indicated. This image used a site photo as a backdrop. Several other images were used to “fake in” the garage that would appear once tree cover and a skyway were eliminated. Part of a logistics model was used to produce the fence. This vignette required the most time out of the montage series to produce.

This page last modified Wednesday 25 May 2011.