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Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite™ service can portray your worksite complete with branding and signage, so the worksite appears as it would in life. Branding is not just a way to add a bit of realism to the visualization. It is a useful marketing and communication tool.

The most obvious advantage of branding in construction visualization is the sort of “product placement” it exhibits during the presentation. Your brand (and that of the Owner, if desired) simply appears automatically in many of the visuals. If you’re presenting for a bid interview, product placement keeps your brand in the minds of the decision makers. If you’re speaking to a user group or the community, branding in construction visualization is a form of publicity. Vinci LLC can produce custom branding that complies with your company’s brand guidelines, so that the visualization is fully “canonical”.

Branding can be present on worksite signage. Signage in construction visualization helps to make for a complete construction presentation. Signage in the visualization enables your team to address safety, wayfinding, and community and user group relations in your presentation. Your team can speak to safety without saying a word, the visuals serving as proof positive that your strategy has factored in the safety of folks on and around the site. Signage in a 4d worksite detail can be used to illustrate temporary pedestrian and vehicular circulation. Your brand and that of your Owner simply piggybacks on the signage for additional brand awareness.

Branding in CV is only one element of the show. Graphic designers and non-construction professionals that produce CV may overaccentuate the branding aspect at the expense of the illustration of construction strategy, which is the point of the show. Your BIM team won’t be able to easily incorporate branding into the presentation, so they’ll likely leave it out. Only Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite™ service can get you into a convincing portrayal of your worksite, complete with branding and signage.

See a general 4d worksite overview, or vignettes that incorporate branding and signage to support logistics, temporary pedestrian circulation, community relations, or safety and egress.

This page last modified Monday 30 January 2012.