4d virtual construction pedestrian courtyard barrier

Vinci LLC | Stakeholder Vignette | Pedestrian Experience | Southwest Courtyard Perimeter.

Working on an active campus, you’re bound to alter longstanding commuter patterns, whether by car or on foot. People are comfortable in their routines, their paths to academic buildings, the way to the place they are used to parking. The business of a university is the education of its students and the research of its faculty, and any ancillary activities that support this mission. These people need to get to where they are going. Show the Owner you understand these issues and how you are acting to minimally disturb the user groups on campus. Vinci vignettes are a great way to communicate with user groups and the wider community.

View inbound, incoming or outbound, outging vehicular traffic, see the construction lane view. Take a look at the worksite from the air.

This page last modified Monday 28 October 2013.