Temporary Delivery Route 4d Virtual Construction Visualization

Vinci LLC | 4d Construction Worksite Detail | Temporary Delivery Route

Vinci LLC’s convincing virtual construction visualization focuses on construction strategy. This includes temporary conditions and how they change over the construction schedule. Construction visualization is more than simply applying schedule and cost data to a “5d” BIM (the more D’s the better, right?) then replaying and rotating it in front of the Owner for applause. Many of the most pertinent issues in construction relate to the temporary conditions: excavation, temporary routes, traffic channelization, workflow, and interaction of adjoining areas of work. These things are simply poorly conveyed by BIM packages and software-developer dominated package solutions. Why let fancy computer programmers in California and Seattle dictate how to present your construction message in the Midwest or Northeast? This is why Vinci LLC’s virtual construction services are perhaps better than the software “solutions”. We illustrate construction strategy, most of which simply isn’t addressed in a traditional BIM. There isn’t anything wrong with BIM for technical and operational reasons; but whatever the hype, we should consider BIM is simply a tool. Conveying your construction message to an audience may justify going beyond BIM to convincing construction visualization.

This page last modified Tuesday 24 September 2013.