3d virtual construction healthcare site context

Vinci · Behind the Scenes | Site Context.

All construction takes place in the context of geology and in built-up areas, major and minor neighboring or adjoining structures. Vinci LLC’s approach sees these forms as a sort of “word”, especially traffic signage. These words communicate your understanding of the present site and how your construction strategy will affect how the environment “reads” to those who live and work there.

Context becomes especially relevant when we plan to modify, encircle, block, or alter existing forms. Certain forms are very important in the lives of some people; altering access or modifying them will cause some stress. In a healthcare environment, complicating access can be complicating a life or death situation. You can show you’ll ameliorate some of that stress using Vinci’s Digital Worksite-generated virtual construction imagery.

Traffic channelization is another major application for a convincingly developed worksite context. The signage and signals in and around the work zone literally are “words”! You can show how you'll direct traffic around and through the site so that user groups and the community are minimally impacted throughout the construction schedule.

This page last modified Tuesday 24 September 2013.