Campuswide Healthcare General 4d Construction Worksite Overview

Vinci LLC | General 4d Construction Worksite Overview

This Vinci General Construction Sequence™ describes general logistics and schedule for campuswide construction at a medical center. Take a look at an excavation section, demolition views, and community views of the worksite at a key intersection. See 4d worksite details covering the (patient tower→, surgery addition→, or MOB→, and see some ways these worksites interact (1→, 2→, 3→). Take a look at the evolution of the laydown/staging area in the foreground, or see some behind-the-scenes model layout images.

Multiphase Projects

A multiphase project is one wherein several major construction operations or “phases” are underway, and these operations are at least partially concurrent, often interacting with one another. Vinci LLC specializes in multiphase campuswide 4d virtual construction visualization.

Each phase can be regarded as a simple worksite, with the exception that some neighboring construction operation may affect activity on the worksite in question. This particular example has three major phases underway. Two of the phases (the patient tower→ and surgery addition→) are adjacent and share a boom crane. Their site perimeters conjoin; the completion of the surgery addition requires some activity on the side of the patient tower that faces the addition. These two phases interact. Explore how your worksite phases interact through Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite technology. Its rich context and attention to temporary conditions — actual construction topics versus simple BIM-supplied choreography of building elements — helps get your construction message to your audience convincingly.

A third worksite, a medical office building→, rises apart from the other work, but still interacts with the other sites. A temporary delivery access road passes between the MOB and surgery worksites.

Vinci LLC’s attention to construction and temporary conditions makes its virtual construction visualization ideal for communicating your strategy to any audience.

This page last modified Tuesday 24 September 2013.