4d virtual construction visualization existing minor improvements

Vinci | Behind the Scenes | Existing Minor Improvements.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” That’s true, but we can at least get it right. Sometimes little things mean a lot.

There are certain existing minor improvements that really do mean a lot, in terms of a construction site. Traffic channelization, utility, signal, and other structures are part of major systems. Showing these minor improvements in your worksite strategy illustrates you understand the systems that your work may affect, and you have a plan to handle them.

This is a major intersection that will be the front door to the new store once it is complete. The RFP schematics show the intersection receiving new signals. Showing the new signals in place contributes to the Owner’s sense that your plan is complete, and recognizes that little things mean a lot.

This page last modified Monday 28 July 2014.