4d virtual construction visualization schematic design completion

Vinci | SurePlan™ | “Complete” a Schematic Design RFP So You Can Talk Construction.

Vinci LLC’s SketchBuild™ service takes an RFP with schematic or master plan drawings and “advances” them so that we can talk construction. No, you don’t have to deal with pink, purple, yellow, and blue boxes, you don’t have to cut and paste. Instead, you can show the Owner you know your stuff and speak to a plausible configuration of the worksite based on what you know. You’d be surprised; you usually know a lot more than what the RFP suggests.

SketchBuild™ begins with descriptions of existing conditions and any information the RFP or third parties can furnish about the proposed configuration. Vinci takes cues from the past work of a designer or the history of development on an existing campus, similar models for retail, and your team’s best guesses, which are normally quite educated. This puts your best foot forward. It is a great strategy for a logic-based “thinking man’s builder” approach to winning a big job.

Sure, not every project requires SketchBuild™, and we can just go with pink, blue, and gold boxes on a marked up plan. SketchBuild™ can scale, so that it is small and modest for small and modest jobs, or big and bold for targeted wins. Some of Vinci’s sweetest assisted victories are SketchBuild™ jobs. You be the judge!

This page last modified Monday 28 July 2014.