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a8948-00 View a Vinci General Construction Sequence™ (Research Tower)

a8948-10 View a Vinci Annotated General 4d Worksite Overview (Central Utility Plant)

a8948-20 Vinci SketchBuild™ completes a Master Plan concept so you can talk construction!

a8948-30 View an industrial example of Vinci SketchBuild™

a8948-24 Vinci’s architecture background can help your concept jive with the master plan

a8948-35 Plausible industrial construction derived from the master plan helps deliver your construction message

The Start of Something Big

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A shining city of learning on a hill…

A major university is planning redevelopment of an airport into an urban planned academic community. It will be an ecologically conscious set of landmarks, a shining city of learning on a hill, nestled with care amid the forests of the Carolinas, smack in the middle of one of the world’s hottest research regions. This is the first of dozens of construction projects that will span decades! Get this right, and maybe your firm will enjoy a decades-long relationship, providing work for your crews for a generation! The ball rolls to your team. Where do you start? Call Vinci LLC.

Getting to Constructibility

The Owner has provided some conceptual, squishy plans, a set of boxes and lines on paper—no elevations. They do have a University master plan. In the master plan, there are wistful pictures of cute shops and autumn-tree-lined lanes frequented by students pondering the solutions to the world’s crises. Tons of prose, designer shoptalk that describes the quality of the community that the University envisions on this nearly empty land. More importantly, there is data. Vinci LLC can take those street sections, setbacks and stepbacks, floor area ratios and turn your boxes into frameworks for your construction strategy. We’ll get past boring boxes and the RFP backgrounds and show your audience their dreams arising on their actual site! This way you can prove your team is the right team for the job.

Clear and convincing, audience-friendly construction imagery

Next time you’re considering visuals relating to construction, consider Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite™ service. Vinci LLC will use its SketchBuild™ service to transform those RFP diagrams into visual aids for your team’s construction solutions. Vinci’s clear, convincing, and audience-friendly construction marketing visualizations are ideal for communicating a real estate or construction message, whether you are selling construction services or just thinking big. Be the master of your plan, call Vinci LLC today! 314-351-7456.

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