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Vinci’s Construction Value Levels

Vinci LLC uses a rating system to conveniently represent the approximate construction value for each Vinci Project.

This classification is intended to make it easy to assess the approximate cost of the actual construction project (not the Vinci illustration effort) without stating an actual figure. Construction cost figures change and Vinci does not intend to mislead you when you are considering Vinci construction visualization services. Thus, we have devised these construction value levels so you can get an idea of how large the client’s construction value was for a given project.

Vinci LLC realizes that construction value is not the only reason motivating a builder to consider visualization in marketing. Other considerations include maintenance of relationship with key clients, a highly visible local project, or a challenging construction issue such as circulation, enabling work, or construction phasing.

The Vinci Construction Value Levels


Less than approximately $5 M


Approximately $5 M ⇔ $15 M

2 ••

Approximately $15 M ⇔ $50 M

3 •••

Approximately $50 M ⇔ $150 M

4 ••••

Approximately $150 M ⇔ $500 M

5 •••••

Greater than approximately $500 M

For those of you mathematically inclined, the levels are roughly exponential, increasing by a factor of roughly the square root of ten, so that every other level has a tenfold relationship.

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