Vinci LLC’s Featured Market Concentrations for Illustration

Four of Vinci’s market concentrations appear below, in order of their magnitude in mid-2011. Click on the images to visit Market Overview pages. Vinci LLC has served over 240 project engagements since its founding in October 2004. Note, the total number of engagements listed on this website are not dynamically updated; the actual totals may be higher than those which appear here. Industrial, entertainment, and campus-related markets will be added soon. When the campus-related market is added, the markets will no longer be coterminous.
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No. of Engagements:
71 ••••• ••••• •·····

Total Levels of Production:
137 ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••·····

From medical office buildings and patient tower expansions to replacement medical campuses and campuswide infill


No. of Engagements:
26 ••••··

Total Levels of Production:
41 ••••• •·····

From middle school expansions to Ivy League university academic halls

Science & Tech

No. of Engagements:
30 •••••

Total Levels of Production:
64 ••••• ••••• ····

From master plan layouts to unmentionable projects

Wet Infrastructure

No. of Engagements:
7 •·

Total Levels of Production:
21 •••···

From greenfield WWTPs to tunnel boring for intake under a lake

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