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Vinci LLC
Convincing Construction Visualization since 2004

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Saint Louis, Missouri 63109-3115

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Vinci’s Scope Classes:

Addition / Renovation

2 ••
Greenfield Facility

3 •••
Brownfield Facility / Infill

4 ••••
Campuswide Work

5 •••••
Replacement Campus

S ••••••

Vinci’s Construction Scope Classification

Vinci LLC classifies each project according to its general scope.

These classifications aim to give you some sense of just about how large the client’s program was, how much land or how many buildings were involved in the client’s audience’s project (not the Vinci illustration effort). The classifications range from renovating a portion of one facility to single buildings in a flat open field to entirely new replacement campuses with fifteen buildings under construction all at once. There is a “Special” category for the exciting projects that can’t be classified otherwise, such as projects thousands of feet underground.

Vinci’s construction scope classifications also communicate something about the level of effort required for the development of construction vizualization for marketing. The simpler efforts tend to have lower classifications, while the more involved projects tend to have higher classifications.

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