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Vinci’s Development Time Span

Vinci’s development time span metric represents how many calendar days there were between project start and the project deadline. Many construction marketing efforts involve an intense period of production Vinci calls a “surge span”. Continue reading if you’re interested in both, or jump to a description of the surge span metric.

Construction visualization for marketing (CVM) cannot miss the deadline! The interview appointment or proposal submittal deadline is usually rigid; if you’re late, you’re dead. Vinci LLC has never missed a marketing deadline, in the couple hundred CVM projects since its founding in October 2004. Because CVM is so deadline-sensitive, development of visualization can get intense. You need an efficient process, one that works. Delegate that process to Vinci LLC! Not only can the work come together in as little as a week, it can “look like” your audience’s project, and is independent of any rigid software-specific process. To be sure, you’ll get better results given more time, but for fast track “hot potato” projects where you need the most convincing visualization, try Vinci LLC!

Thus, the Vinci “development time” metric endeavors to help you determine how much time Vinci LLC had to put together a given Vinci project. Coupled with the Vinci project level metric, you can get an idea of how intense the development of a given Vinci project was.

The Vinci Development Time Span Levels

1 ·

One calendar day from project delivery

2 ··

2 days from project delivery

3 ···

3 days from project delivery

4 ····

4 days from project delivery

5 ·····

5 days from project delivery

6 ······

6 days from project delivery


Seven calendar days → 1 week from project delivery

8 •·

8 days from project delivery, and so on...

Again, each small dot represents a day, each large dot a week from the final delivery deadline. Note that these levels represent conditions for a specific project and can only be used as approximate predictors of similarly complex projects. Every project is different and complexity is linked to the details of a given objective, which tends to arise during the development of that project. Development times can change and have changed, due to the audience’s decision or similar external factors.

Vinci’s Surge Span Metric

Construction marketing involves incomplete and imperfect information, late breaking decisions, supplemental information, and tight deadlines. Key strategists, who are usually also engineers, schedulers, estimators, and project foremen, have actual active projects to work on; marketing often takes a back seat. Eventually enough is known where it makes sense to call everyone into a room and strategize on the proposal. Oftentimes all these things conspire such that a lot of work takes place in a brief amount of time, by necessity. Vinci rescognizes such intense work as a “surge”.

The surge span is a period of time, normally several days to a week long, usually within days of the interview or proposal submittal, where development of visualization is rapid. The Vinci metric assesses the number of project levels involved in a surge. Surge spans are normally assessed in percentage of total project time. There can be multiple surges on a given project. Some projects manage to develop without surges.

The Vinci Surge Span Levels


1/3 Level, approximately 8-10 hours of project time


2/3 Level, approximately 16-20 hours of project time

1 Level, approximately 3 calendar days of project time


1-1/3 Levels, approximately 4 calendar days of project time


1-2/3 Levels, approximately 5 calendar days of project time


2 Levels, approximately 6 calendar days of project time, and so on.

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