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Vinci LogistiGraf™ | Construction Graphics for Printed Logistics and Phasing Plates

You want to bottle up that cool 4d visualization of your construction logistics and schedule and install it in your printed proposal. Vinci LLC can do it and has done it since 2004—even before many on-screen 4d visualizations were even possible. Vinci LLC has it down to a science!

Can your proposal seriously be 4d? Sure! Vinci LLC's 4d general worksite overviews, a popular on-screen rendition of the construction schedule, can be accommodated by several printed pages. Vinci LLC sets the proposed worksite to scale, and builds a consistent legend and key system. The legend and key dovetails with your written narrative; we'll show you how easy it can be! The result is a comprehensive printed set of diagrams that tell the full story of your company's strategy on site. Vinci LLC has produced dozens of LogistiGraf construction graphics sets for projects large and complex, or small and simple. Incorporate the Vinci LogistiGraf illustrations in your next proposal!

Click here for examples: (Enlarged View, Scale, Legend and Key), on-screen 4d general worksite overviews for interview presentations: (healthcare, education, infrastructure).

Click here for static full page views: (Plate A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Construction Route).

This page last modified Wednesday 24 April 2013.