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general 4d construction worksite overview

Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ | 4d General Worksite Overview

This simple 4d construction overview illustrates the construction of a small patient care wing at a university campus in the Midwest. This Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ required 1½ levels of work, much less time than the production of a Vinci Digital Worksite™, making for a simple, economical visualization project. Vinci’s client simply needed a 4d illustration speaking to schedule. A condition visible in yellow in the above image shows where the existing hospital building was temporarily sealed as new construction developed. Take a look at this late 2009 example to see a current Vinci DWS™ example of a similar temporary condition.

This project exemplifies Vinci LLC’s Virtual Construction Montage™ technique prevalent in the mid 2000’s. It has been largely supplanted by the Vinci Digital Worksite™, however it is still the method of choice for Vinci Vignettes. Vinci LLC’s VCM™ can be produced in about half the time required for a Vinci DWS™ when your company is sure about its message and the project can be portrayed from a single vantage point. Vinci VCM™ is ideal for budget-conscious efforts. Montages are not as easily modified, especially late in production; if you expect change during development, choose Vinci DWS™.

This page last modified Tuesday 8 November 2011.