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Vinci VCM™

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Patient Tower Perspective Pair

A midsize medical center is expanding. A concrete frame high rise will emerge on one end of the campus. The interview date is only two weeks away. Vinci LLC’s strategy involves digitally modeling only what is necessary, using a basis image (a low altitude aerial photograph) to convey context. Two perspectives are developed (View A, and View B). The virtual construction model handles about ¾ of the visualization work for both views; each view initially requires less than a day to finish through rendering. Vinci’s client receives word that the Owner is throwing in additional scope. Newly-added sitework affects View B. The digital model output is also included in the interview presentation as a vignette or short study. (Another component, a 4d diagrammatic study of the interior renovation schedule, is not currently shown on this website.) Vinci assisted its client with the interview presentation.

It would be grand to say that these visualizations aided the client in a win. What actually happened indicates the complexity of construction interview presentations. Most of Vinci’s clients’ audiences are highly receptive to a logical message backed up by clear, convincing construction visualization. This particular client had already made up its mind; this was evident when the facility manager kicked up his heels, and pulled out a newspaper during the middle of the show. Though neither Vinci LLC nor any well-prepared construction marketing team can penetrate the unreceptive audience, Vinci’s new client representative group remains convinced that clear construction visualization does make a difference when presenting to receptive audiences. Vinci Project A75A5 kicked off a chain of two and a half dozen projects, a business relationship that continues to this day.

The Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ service is your shortcut to convincing construction visualization. Consider Vinci VCM™ if your team has a solid message that isn’t expected to change, and most or all of the general construction can be seen in a single vantage point. Typically, VCMs can be produced in much less time than Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite™ service. Vinci VCM™ is ideal for rapid, budget-sensitive interview, proposal, or user group communication efforts. Consider Vinci Digital Worksite™ for greater flexibility, definition, and analysis (See examples A8517, A80B0, A8723).

Click the images below to view examples from Vinci Project Number A75A5:.

a75a5-00 a75a5-01 a75a5-10

Vinci VCM™ | General 4d Worksite Overview

A simple overview of campuswide construction activity

Vinci VCM™ | General 4d Worksite Overview

Case study of an alternate 4d montage overview

Vinci Vignette™ | 4d Worksite Detail

Short study of the concrete frame vertical expansion

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