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general 4d construction worksite overview

Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ | Ground Level 4d Worksite Overview

General worksite overviews are best produced from an aerial vantage point, since the worksite is more visible from the air than at any point on the ground. This Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ uses ground photography to yield a worksite overview for a pop-up interview, due in one intense week. Vinci LLC produced an interview presentation for this project and Vinci Project A7321 that preceded it. This project’s development piggy-backed on that of the earlier project, both for the same client. The resultant ground-based worksite overview stands as a fitting contrast to both montage aerial overviews (A7367, A7565) or today’s more-preferred Vinci Digital Worksite™ overviews (see examples A8306, A8517, A8583), all examples concern patient towers. Vinci DWS™ can even yield ground-based simulations of construction activity (see A8373, A8517, A8583). Indeed, ground-based construction vignettes are a key tool for user group communication or community relations (see A7AB5, A80B6, A82A4).

This page last modified Tuesday 19 March 2013.