Vinci Subsurface Constraints Visualization

Vinci Digital Worksite™ | SubVision Solid™ | Avoiding the “Iceberg”

What if a contractor didn’t follow through and understand the basement of this museum extended westward under the ground? It’s an unusual condition, still, a crawler crane in the climate-controlled collection archive probably wouldn’t be received well by the Owner. Surely, it’s not likely it would’ve ever gotten that far. Through the use of a digital model that integrates context and subject like the one behind Vinci’s Digital Worksite™ service, your team can show your audience you are aware of constraints others may have missed in the rush to respond to the RFP. This visualization can help your team prove your strategy is workable and has taken into consideration the major constraints, given what you know upfront.

This page last modified Saturday 21 May 2011.