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Construction visualization is more than a techno beat and a 4d-5d-6d-12d BIM animation: it is communication with a non-construction audience about your work. A good portrayal of any worksite should include site features such as gates and field offices, storage and staging, so that you can talk strategy. The techno might excite YouTube fanboys; the BIM might make the geeks in the audience happy. We want to reach the decision maker or the user group: they are interested in the content of your visualization. Good visualization illustrates the message your team conveys on show day. Vinci LLC can help back up your construction message visually. It’s not about a guerilla purist software ideology nor entertainment, though these things at times can be good tools for certain audiences. Clinch that job with Vinci LLC! See a general 4d worksite overview, or view vignettes showing hauling, protected egress, or pedestrian circulation around the worksite.

This page last modified Monday 30 January 2012.