Scale Assurance and Directive Overlay

Vinci SurePlan™ | Scale Assurance and Directive Overlay

This is a Vinci LLC SurePlan™ overlay of the RFP site plan on the scale-adjusted orthoaerial montage. This serves as the basis for subsequent development of the Vinci LLC Digital Worksite™ model. Take a look at a test showing the Vinci LLC digital model placed on the worksite per the RFP site plan.

Vinci LLC uses several sources of orthoaerial photography and the resources in your RFP documentation to assure scale. Vinci LLC attempts to reduce scale error to below 1%, normally achieving less than 0.1% error. (In many cases we can measure error. Because the deadline is usually imminent and the visualization is for marketing and not actual construction, we can tolerate negligible scale error and move forward with production). The scale assurance process is rigorous but is among the very first of our operations, requiring about 1-2 hours to undertake. The result is construction visualization that is faithful enough to the concept to obtain area takeoffs before the proposal and interview. This way, what Vinci LLC shows in its construction visualization for marketing is plausible, as the dimensions are rather close to true. (Note that Vinci LLC does not produce construction documentation, but furnishes visualization for marketing).

Vinci LLC brings together early-phase accuracy and clear, convincing construction visualization.

This page last modified Saturday 26 May 2012.