virtual construction modeling context

Vinci · Behind the Scenes | Virtual Construction Modeling: Context.

Everyone knows a building doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Sometimes we can safely ignore a building project’s context. When we do have basic context in a virtual construction model, we reap several basic benefits. The audience can self-orient so we don’t need to field constant questions as to the direction we’re facing. Some existing objects present obstacles to construction. We can see how some existing objects constrain construction possibilities. In this project, we can only lay back excavation up to the property line; maybe actually much less than we think, due to the probable depth of the highway sound and retaining walls. The visualization makes these potential constraints clear in the minds of the audience. Finally, a project grounded in basic geographic and adjacent-object context appears more credible than one that floats in space. Your proposal looks complete and probably tips its hat to constraints you notice that your competitor doesn’t even address, because their team simply isn’t aware of it.

Choose an appropriate level of context in your next virtual construction model!

This page last modified Wednesday 25 September 2013.