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Many RFPs issue drawing sets that are master plan, schematic, or early design development drawings: these are incomplete, basic ideas about a facility’s location, size, and configuration. Sometimes these drawings lend zero guidance on structural configuration, the design of facades, and even layout. You want to talk construction, after all, you are a builder. How does Vinci LLC close that loop?

Vinci LLC begins with some assets that are publicly available, but prefers its private databases and your team’s or the project’s professional drawings or electronic files, as these latter sources are more definite. These basis documents help Vinci LLC produce a plausible rendition of existing conditions to scale. Vinci LLC can glean important data from most datasets, ignoring the preponderance of irrelevant material to produce a virtual construction model of the worksite in hours or days. Guidance from the RFP, the project architect’s data and communication, and similar project types help Vinci LLC build the proposed structure and enclosure. Once we have the proposed condition modeled, Vinci LLC can produce a 4d virtual construction model tailored to your proposal. Then we generate output and send you review imagery. It’s really that simple.

BIM teams and other services simply can’t compete with Vinci LLC’s SketchBuild™ service. An in house BIM team or “advanced visualization department” consists of well-trained personnel versed in software and management. They are skilled at wielding an arsenal of nuance because naturally, they were hired for their excellent software skills. These include adjusting model lighting, setting up cameras, tweaking Gantt charts, populating parking lots, or adding BIM data to furnish wonderful door schedules. They know Maya, 3d Studio Max, the latest Revit, and Photoshop. None of this is useful given the time we typically have to produce visuals. Have they ever visited an active jobsite, in the capacity of a construction administrator? When the RFP set lands on their desk, they’ll hold a 2 hour meeting, confounded by where to start. The whiteboard will look impressive. These teams excel at meeting and administration of the project. Meanwhile Vinci LLC has nailed the worksite terrain, and is halfway done with existing conditions. Vinci LLC has done hundreds of these projects and maintains a unique set of reliable routine methodologies to handle most any general construction topic.

“We have become exceedingly efficient at it” (as the Architect said in Matrix Reloaded.)

The magic doesn’t lie in the software methodology nor in management tactics, but in determining what is relevant and what can be ignored, in choosing confident action and production over hesitant analysis. By the end of the process, we will arrive at a sound and convincing virtual construction model that addresses the salient aspects of construction your team wishes to present to the audience.

This page last modified Wednesday 25 September 2013.