construction visualization adjacent existing improvements

Vinci · Behind the Scenes | Convincing Adjacent Existing Improvements.

Worksite context, those existing improvements around and adjacent to your work space, are forces to be reckoned with in your strategy. It’s fine to import teenager- or robot-produced models for buildings that appear in but don’t touch your space. Using a pimplefaced sophomore’s extra-credit art project (no offense) or search engine flyover algorithm is simply not acceptable and appropriate for architecture that constrains your strategy. Sure, worksite context can take time to define. If we model a neighbor convincingly, we benefit from improved, professionally-defined accuracy and an appearance many audience members can acknowledge represents the existing condition.

Here, a neighboring university building borders the worksite. Its location affects the worksite and the equipment near the site can affect the existing structure. The presence of a convincing model enhances the believability of your imagery. It also encourages a discussion of what can be done to ensure an uninterrupted occupancy and an intact existing improvement.

This page last modified Monday 14 October 2013.