Presentation Navigation Hierarchy

Vinci CentNav™ | Presentation Navigation System | Navigation Hierarchy

The Home Page is the central point of navigation in a Vinci CentNav™ presentation. Any topic is several clicks away even in the most complicated presentations. Each page in the presentation is linked to the Home Page. Vinci LLC places a hierarchy of navigation so that the Home Page leads to chapter heads, which may lead to section heads or directly to individual pages. Thus from any page or “slide” in your presentation, your team can quickly navigate to any other point. If your presentation includes Vinci construction visualization, a special Schedule Chapter Header Page handles navigation among all the milestones. Your presentation needs not be fancy to benefit from Vinci CentNav™. Vinci LLC can retrofit your presentation with minimal intervention, installing the minimum requirements for true CentNav™ functionality!

Various presentation themes can be produced; Wet Infrastructure →, Casino →.

This page last modified Friday 30 September 2011.