Stakeholder Vignette Temporary Pedestrian Circulation

Vinci LLC | Stakeholder Vignette | Eastbound Temporary Pedestrian Circulation

No construction strategy at a major university campus is complete without user group and community considerations. Students need to get to class, professors and staff need to make it to work. Construction can interrupt daily expectations and the Owner’s mission. Stakeholder vignettes show your team is conscious that there will be some level of disruption. Because your team is aware of this, your team can mitigate disruption. A stakeholder vignette can prove your team can minimize disruption. Such a vignette is useful in community and user group meetings, making students, professors, and staff aware of what’s in store as your team improves their already-wonderful campus. View the westbound pedestrian route, vehicular routes, or views from neighboring athletic facilities. Custom branded logistics helps make stakeholder vignettes even more effective.

This page last modified Monday 30 January 2012.