4d virtual construction vignette underpinning excavation foundation cross section

Vinci LLC | Constructibility Vignette | Underpinning, Excavation, and Foundation Operations

Vinci LLC’s 4d worksite cross sections effectively dig into a condition to explain what’s under the surface. Many audiences, however sophisticated they may be about medicine, research, or business, simply may not understand our shoptalk. “Underpinning”? You’ve lost them, or you have to spend five precious minutes explaining the term. Looking at a two-dimensional plan or a magenta and green BIM, they may not grasp why they need a foundation under an existing building. Vinci LLC’s convincing construction visualization alleviates your team’s need to educate the audience simply through pictures. This cross section clearly shows why underpinning is necessary, when it happens relative to excavation, and how it fits into the general build out of the addition. Further, this 4d section shows how old and new buildings interface, and how the new foundation uses piers to deal with a karst stone bedrock.

This page last modified Wednesday 30 July 2014.