The Cross Section

One of Vinci LLC’s most successful techniques is the application of a cross section to the worksite.

We live and build in the third dimension, not in flat plans. A cross section helps your audience see inside buildings. It gets to the bottom of deep digs, showing the audience what bank retention and demolition mean to what’s already in place around the site.

Some of Vinci LLC’s most successful construction visualizations are 4d worksite sections. This is because a condition difficult to explain verbally is clarified by a good cross section.

Worksite Section Examples

Here are a dozen worksite section examples. Click on an image below to visit an Example Page.

Worksite Section Logistics Worksite Section Awkward Condition Worksite Section Late Phase Supply

Sections help explain workflow over another construction site activity

Show how you aim to ably build an innovative or complex design using Vinci LLC’s worksite sections

How will you deliver material on a tight site? A Vinci LLC worksite section can show how!

Worksite Section Infill Interface Condition Worksite Section Construction Know How Worksite Section Structural Vertical Expansion

Building separation joints and interfaces are a hot topic; sections can aid your message greatly

Sections help demonstrate your company’s keen understanding of construction

Worksite sections get in there and clearly explain how to raise the roof

Worksite Section Excavation Interface Worksite Section Infill Interface Worksite Section Excavation Validation

Worksite sections illustrate how demolition, depth of excavation, and infill relate to the street, utilities, and existing conditions

Show the Owner the implications of schematic decisions even before you have the job! Proof that you are the best pick

Bank retention issues are clearly illustrated by Vinci LLC’s worksite sections

Worksite Section Wet Infrastructure Worksite Section Validate Construction Worksite Section Bathymetry

A building or facility section can help demonstrate or underscore your firm’s command of unusual construction

Underground intercepts and utility connections shine when conveyed by a cross section

Vinci LLC’s worksite sections even work underwater!

This page last modified Monday 4 August 2014.