3d virtual construction modeling preliminary logistics validation

Vinci · Behind the Scenes | Preliminary Logistics Validation.

Vinci LLC endeavors to build as accurate a digital model of the worksite as possible so as to ensure site logistics make sense. It’s a sort of pre-validation of the construction strategy. Normally this validation imagery is preliminary, for your review and information during production.

This image shows a minor alteration to a worksite fence whose location is governed by the Owner's addendum. The equipment indicated requires a bit more breathing room. The image speaks to the potential reality on site, conveying honesty regarding a condition the Owner expects. Such an image not only bolsters honesty; it implies your construction strategy, even in these initial stages, is quite detailed. You know your stuff! Since you know your stuff and you're honest about it, you're communicating with the Owner facilities department so that there are no surprises.

Click here to see the late-phase site fence in the context of the general schedule, to see a cross section of the worksite where this condition comes into play, or to see an annotated site logistics image. This view shows the worksite as students, faculty, and visitors might see it.

This page last modified Friday 27 September 2013.