Construction analysis dome and crossing study from schematic drawings

Vinci SketchBuild™ | Construction Analysis | Structural Frame Study | Dome and Crossing Interior

We are standing inside the crossing of the facility, under one of the arches that support the dome, looking up. This image sequence strips the interior finishes described in the Owner’s RFP to see the underlying structure. This image set describes the steel frame supporting the dome, key in illustrating how we can prefabricate the steel frame and get the job done. See the outside of the dome, one of the squinches from the outside, zoom in on one of the pendentives on the inside, or look at a preliminary drawing of the arch space frame or the squinch space frame.

Vinci LLC’s SketchBuild™ service allows your team to fill in gaps in the RFP so you can talk about your team’s construction solution.

This page last modified Friday 27 January 2012.