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Vinci DWS™
Digital Worksite™
Virtual Construction Site Service

Vinci GCS™
General Construction Sequence™
4d Worksite Overview

Vinci DCS™
Detail Construction Sequence™
4d Worksite Detail

Vinci Vignette™
Brief Worksite Studies

Vinci VinTerra™
Digital High Resolution Terrain Model

Vinci ClearSite™
Orthoaerial Amendment Service

Vinci SubVision™
Subsurface Structure Representation

Vinci SurePlan™
Scale Assurance and Overlay

Vinci LogistiGraf™
Construction Graphics

Vinci CentNav™
Presentation Navigation

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Healthcare Schematic Interior Medical Center Renovation | Phasing

Education Site Plan Overlay Museum Expansion | Logistics & Phasing

Education Site Plan Overlay Medical Imaging Renovation | Logistics

Museum Upgrades Logistics Museum Upgrades | Logistics

Healthcare Renovation Phasing Healthcare Renovation | Phasing

Vinci Logistigraf™


Construction graphics is a noble, ancient technology. Builders and developers have discussed construction projects over drawings at a table for centuries. In the latest years, some of the discussion has progressed to the screen, a method useful at interviews and presentations to large audiences. Still, many RFPs require submittal of a written proposal. Indeed printed construction graphics are useful at interview. The advantage of a printed board or illustrated page (a plate) boils down to persistence. A presentation board stands for anyone to read. Because it can be posted indefinitely or bound in a booklet, printed construction graphics can be perused. Printed plates can convey a wealth of detail. (Example: general logistics, site utilities, concrete pour sequencing, phasing) Because the printed plate can be perused and is available at the disposal of the audience, you might regard them as tireless emissaries of your message. When used strategically and designed well, printed plates can powerfully assist your written construction message.

Distinguishing Features

Written communication and the illustrations that reinforce the writing ought to be clear, consistent, and concise to be most effective. Vinci LLC’s LogistiGraf™ service aims to produce clear, consistent, and concise construction graphics that back up your construction message. Such graphics ranges from simple colored plans and logistics diagrams (example) to 4d construction schedule and logistics sequences (example) , the printed version of Vinci LLC’s General Construction Sequence (description).

Vinci LLC has produced dozens of LogistiGraf™ efforts since 2004. The projects covered by LogistiGraf™ range from small renovations to multiphase replacement medical centers. LogistiGraf™ has been deployed at interview and in proposals, but also to communicate with user groups and the community. LogistiGraf™ may be deployed alone, as little as a single page, or in concert with the interview presentation effort. Some of Vinci LLC’s most successful assisted wins involve print and screen graphics produced together.

Vinci LLC’s graphic design services are focused on the building community; it’s our business. By default, LogistiGraf™ plates are produced to scale. Extraneous information in the basis documents you provide is eliminated to clarify the message you want to convey. Vinci works with your team to integrate the LogistiGraf plates into your written narrative. Simply plug in the legend and key!


Vinci LLC requires a brief consultation focused on the objective of your communication. Directives need not be final; there are often processes that Vinci LLC can get started on while your team processes information. Vinci LLC will produce some form of base image or background which your team might use in strategizing what to write. This is an excellent springboard for markups. Vinci LLC will develop a consistent legend and key, so that your copy writers can incorporate the graphics in the written narrative.

Some LogistiGraf™ projects are small and succinct; these may simply be printed boards you’ll use in a presentation. LogistiGraf™ need not be a complex undertaking; indeed it is designed to present your case for any project scale. For more complex projects, LogistiGraf™ can be used alongside presentation interview graphics. If the LogistiGraf and presentation interview graphics are prepared simultaneously, some economy of scale can be achieved by sharing resources developed for the other effort.

Vinci LLC will provide PDFs that your team can integrate in their work. Production will be accommodated in InDesign or Illustrator.

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