4d virtual construction worksite detail dock access underground utility tunnel rain garden

Vinci LLC | Detail Construction Sequence™ | Dock Access, Underground Utility Tunnel, & Rain Garden

This 4d worksite detail focuses on the site of the proposed building and takes in most of the project activity. This view may more clearly portray construction not easily visible in the main viewset. Also, this enlarged view may help focus audience attention on certain construction activities your team wishes to highlight. Other similar worksite details view the planetarium, green roof, and terrace, or the existing building interface. This section highlights underpinning, excavation, and foundation activity.

The general viewset introduces all major aspects of the project, while other details and vignettes focus on more specific issues. Click here to see the general 4d worksite overview, worksite details covering utility tunnel excavation and planetarium / green roof construction. Take a look at vignettes illustrating the viewpoint from students/faculty on foot or in cars.

This page last modified Wednesday 30 July 2014.