Schematic Master Plan Research Tower Massing Study

Vinci Vignette™ | Research Tower | Massing Study

The Owner’s master plan serves as the basis for your construction interview. Problem is, they’ve only given you an L-shaped “box” to work with. Vinci can help illustrate your team’s analysis so that you can present a construction message. This image translates an “L” with a thickness of 90′-0″, a length of 250′-0″ and a width of 200′-0″ into a solution that anticipates a 30′-0″-square structural bay. The building stepbacks on the upper stories can then be discussed in terms of what constructibility issues might arise due to partial bays. This project goes a step further, translating this conceptual diagram into a plausible rendition based on the master plan. See a general 4d worksite overview, a view of the Vinci SketchBuild™ solution, or the Central Utility Plant component. Take a look at alternate massing studies for this building.

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