branded construction site gate

Vinci LLC | Construction Vignette | Branded Construction Site Gate.

Several distinguishing hallmarks of Vinci LLC convincing construction visualization come into play in this image.

Terrain. It starts with the digital elevation model of the landscape. The DEM is based on a corrected version of civil data in the RFP, not a search-engine dataset that is “accurate to within 20 feet”. The Vinci-crafted DEM is truer than the search-engine/USGS dataset and project specific, so your construction strategy plays out as accurately as possible from the very first step.

Convincing objects. Next, the model includes not only the major improvements, but key minor existing and proposed improvements and a convincing portrayal of temporary conditions. This includes signage, barricades, key vehicles, worked earth, work in progress, and enough surrounding context to provide the audience with a complete picture of the worksite. Go beyond buzzwords, 4d BIM, schedule simulations. What you want is the audience to be swayed by your message - that’s the goal of Vinci LLC’s convincing construction visualization. It’s very easy to “buy” what you’re selling when the image is convincingly immersive. The audience can lose themselves in your message because the image is lifelike enough that it seems real.

Branding. Product placement works in the movies not only because it sells what the marketers want to sell. The audience also expects the things portrayed to them to be “real” things. This extends to a construction site visual. Your signage and branding make for a more believable image. Going back to that first sentence: the most important thing about branding in construction visualization is that your brand is in front of the audience while they are seeing their dream facility come to fruition. This psychological link, nestled in the minds of decisionmakers, says, “This team knows my project - even before they’ve won it!”

Harness the energy and effectiveness of Vinci LLC convincing construction visualization for your next bid interview, proposal, or construction related communication effort!

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This page last modified Friday 11 December 2015.