Fence Me In

The construction site perimeter is an important feature of most any worksite. It secures the worksite, keeping unauthorized people out and out of danger. It helps ensure the safety of those outside through warning signage. It can communicate with the public through informational signage. It can advertise and attract attention or it can attempt to blend into the scenery.

Gates are important access points in the perimeter and as such are normally sites that accumulate a lot of action and signage.

Vinci LLC has produced hundreds of worksite perimeters. Vignettes showing pedestrian or vehicular experience along these perimeters are especially common in visualization.

Branding the perimeter is a specialty of Vinci LLC, as is custom or standard safety, wayfinding, or informative signage.

Examples of Visualization of Construction Site Perimeters

Here are one dozen six examples of visualization of construction site perimeters. Click on an image below to visit an Example Page. Check out the blue links for further examples or information!

pedestrian site perimeter view road traffic site perimeter view egress along construction site perimeter

Construction site perimeters maintain security, keep people safe, and express some information about the project

Traffic safety around your worksite is a top concern. Informing the public about the work is sometimes important

Show how you'll expertly handle egress along your worksite perimeter

construction site perimeter public right-of-way construction site perimeter directive construction site signage

Sometimes the work needs to disturb. Show the audience why and how you’ll minimize disturbance

Vinci LLC’s Sureplan™ service helps assure the construction site perimeter depicted matches your team’s intent

Site perimeter signage can inform, warn, or advertise. Vinci LLC can produce custom or common signage to these effects

branded construction site fence branded cosntruction site fence construction site gate

Branding the construction site fence is a common request. It’s a form of community relations

Vinci community relations vignettes see the worksite as the community might see it

Your worksite gates are your front door. Safety and information signage are common here; they are an important part of the site perimeter

protected hospital entry drive pedestrian temporary circulation along perimeter site perimeter safety awareness

When you invite the public into a work zone, safety is paramount

Vinci user group vignettes show how pedestrian traffic is channeled along the perimeter

Montage vignettes can be effective ways of demonstrating site perimeter safety awareness to user groups at medical, corporate, industrial or academic campuses

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