Water Treatment Plant Process Facility Cutaway Cross Section

Vinci Construction Vignette™ | Facility Cutaway View.

What’s inside? The answer to this simple question is revealed ably by a keenly selected cross section. Cross sections or cutaway views succinctly convey a lot of information about a facility in a single image. Sections are best when persistent as opposed to momentary; they allow an interested person the time to peruse the ins and outs of the image. They show relationships among the parts of a facility in a plain and simple way, but can look dynamic, “juicy” and eye-catching. Context in a cross section is still important—context allows a person to connect the interior on display to the outer shell for deeper understanding. This particular cutaway is the joining of two vertical sections, transverse and longitudinal, at a compartmentalized wastewater membrane filtration facility. The layout of the cells in rows ganged in fours is borne by the longitudinal cut (toward the left). The arrangement of a membrane and cover plates and the interconnection of the cell to the channel are shown by the transverse (rightward) cut.

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