Mass Excavation Rendering

Vinci Digital Worksite™ | Mass Excavation Plan View.

Can you dig it? If you can describe* it, Vinci LLC can too! Whether you use steel pile, lagging, or layback, Vinci can cut your site to fit your team’s excavation strategy. This is a broad riverine site that will receive a massive cut and fill operation across the duration of the construction schedule. The Owner is accustomed to a plan view, thus we use such in portraying cuts & fills here. * “Describe” includes any drawings or standards your team has on hand. Vinci LLC has cut hundreds of sites and can use artistic license and rules of thumb to strike a pile, lag wall, shotcrete cut, benching, or layback to suit your needs. Never fear! Vinci excels at schematic cuts or mass excavation images even given only your team’s verbal directive.

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This page last modified Friday 9 February 2018.