Water Treatment Plant Demolition Rendering

Vinci Construction Vignette™ | Demolition.

Everyone loves a delicious view of the old and stale getting knocked down to make way for the bright and new. Vinci LLC can help you sock it to ’em! Check out a printed version of this presentation image. This version centers and focuses more on the “impact” of the tear-down, while the printed plate is a broader, more general view of the site at the same instant. The printed plate can be perused at length, while this screen version appears only for a few moments and we move on to the next in queue. If this were a frame from a movie, the image would be even more fleeting, really an instant in a stream of images that have more equal weight in the mind of the audience. The only thing that would “redeem” the image is its visual impact; some audience members may remember it for that. Something to consider when producing visuals for your marketing effort: “What do I want to accentuate in the minds of my audience?” “What’s the best way to convey what I want the audience to come away with?” “What does my imagery communicate, what information or data does it convey, beyond ‘sizzle’?” This particular image illustrates the concurrent scheduling of demolition, regrading / mass excavation, and foundation concrete operations. It is Vinci’s view that “sizzle” ought to be used legitimately where it represents anticipated conditions; our imagery ought to represent your construction intent. Read about the differences between persistent and fleeting content here.

Click for more: plantwide schedule; excavation plan view, worksite model detail, facility highlight, cutaway. Go behind the scenes to see terrain or context modeling, preliminary facility scheduling. Check out demolitions on other projects.

This page last modified Monday 12 February 2018.