Existing Water Treatment Plant Modeling

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Rehab, retrofit, renovation; concerning all three of these, and even for plant expansions and additions, it is key to represent what’s already in place on site. Vinci LLC produces existing condition or context models with resolution focused where necessary so that your team can talk about operations on the plant such as demolitions, modifications, and clearing to make way for new structures. Context modeling normally takes place once terrain is established, neatly taking advantage of upfront development time your team usually uses to assemble strategy. Context modeling can require around a third of total development time. This time is worth it, as it proves your team’s strategy is formulated upon a sound understanding of the actual condition of the plant. It says your plan is project-specific. It helps your Owner-audience self-orient.

Click for more: plantwide schedule or worksite model detail. Read some thoughts on the relevance of site context.

This page last modified Saturday 10 February 2018.