2005 Q3

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Vinci VCM™

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Ultra High Roller

From time to time, the one project to win in town emerges. This project represents one of the largest developments in a major US metropolitan area, in the heart of the city. A large pit and a basin required by state law is required to accommodate the basement and barge. Several stories of concrete frame will accommodate parking, then a steel frame high rise will serve as the hotel. The casino will include longspan framing with a sleek front. This highly visible project is a must-win.

Vinci LLC received basis documentation three weeks before interview. The documentation was early design development, with plans for each typical floor, elevations, and building sections. The details of design elements were yet to be worked out. This represented the largest project in the history of Vinci LLC, not quite one year old, a daunting task. During the final week of production, Vinci had modeled all structural elements and the enclosure. A general 4d worksite overview montage and several 4d worksite details were produced. Vinci LLC assisted its client at the presentation interview. The Owner’s representative stated after the interview, “Every interviewee showed models of our project, but Vinci LLC’s depiction was the only one that actually resembled our project.” Underscoring this sentiment, Vinci LLC produced subsequent work for the Owner. Vinci LLC also illustrated a second casino worksite in 2008. The interview was successful: it represents a big win for Vinci’s client, with a construction value that nearly doubles weeks after the interview.

The Vinci Virtual Construction Montage™ service is your shortcut to convincing construction visualization. Consider Vinci VCM™ if your team has a solid message that isn’t expected to change, and most or all of the general construction can be seen in a single vantage point. Typically, VCMs can be produced in much less time than Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite™ service. Vinci VCM™ is ideal for rapid, budget-sensitive interview, proposal, or user group communication efforts. Consider Vinci Digital Worksite™ for greater flexibility, definition, and analysis (See examples A8517, A80B6, A8723).

Click the images below to view examples from Vinci Project Number A7519:

a7519-00 a7519-90 a7519-91

Vinci VCM™ | General 4d Worksite Overview

A montage overview of construction activity across the complex

Vinci · Behind the Scenes | Early Virtual Construction Model

An example of an early, once-exemplary virtual construction model

Vinci · Behind the Scenes | Early Virtual Construction Model

Section through an early virtual construction model

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