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4d virtual construction schedule sequence View a Vinci General Construction Sequence™ (Sitewide Overview)

4d virtual construction worksite detail utility trench Check out a 4d worksite detail covering the east trench.

4d virtual construction worksite detail utility roadway trench View the west trench.

4d virtual construction utility trench Typical trench segment detail.

4d virtual construction dock access roadway manhole closure shutdown Logistics vignette showing installation of a roadway manhole near a loading dock.

4d virtual construction soil remediation Utility bore installs under a busy intersection without disruption.

A Ductbank Trench Runs through It.

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Proclaiming the Good News

A university needs to communicate details about the construction of a ductbank under a campus road to various user groups and the community. The ductbank will interrupt some access and activity but is entirely necessary. Vinci LLC and the utility builder team up to illustrate the potential schedule and nature of the work so that the university can show its students, faculty, staff, and neighbors the implications of the improved utility route.

Polar vortex collaboration ensues

Meetings and collaboration are key to developing visuals that plot the route and timing of the ductbank installation. This presentation nearly entirely regards traffic channelization, thus Vinci LLC elects to use a method that highlights the route. Equipment and materials in place "light up" in a brilliant yellow so that the audience can see ongoing work. Each day of the work is modeled according to the construction schedule. The illustrations include a phase overview, overviews of the east and west trench phases, parking lot drive and garage access accommodation, street crossing, access drive crossing, roadway manhole installation, delivery dock closure, terminal bore site, and boring under a busy intersection. Vinci LLC is sensitive to the safety and wayfinding nature of traffic channelization on a college campus. Vinci LLC additionally helped deliver the presentation to 2 user group open houses on 30 April 2014.

Clear and convincing, audience-friendly construction imagery

Vinci LLC specializes in the illustration of traffic channelization, signage, and wayfinding on university campuses. Custom branded site signs and common channelization signs alike can be created so that you can present your construction message with ease. Vinci LLC is the king of complicated phase visualizations, helping teams communicate their solutions to Owners and helping win bids, or helping explain planned work to user groups. The result of the work is a set of clear and convincing renditions of the worksite that serve as aids to discussion of all major construction issues throughout the construction schedule. Vinci’s clear, convincing, and audience-friendly construction marketing visualizations are ideal for communicating a real estate or construction message, whether you are selling construction services or just thinking big. Be the master of your plan, call Vinci LLC today!

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