Water Treatment Plant Expansion Summary

Vinci General Construction Sequence™ | Plantwide Construction Logistics and Schedule Summary.

“How will we get from point A to point B”, from Existing Condition to operational Proposed Facility. We are telling a story of how to realize the Owner’s expansion strategy. The visual ought to back up your pitch, accentuating the features of your construction strategy. In order to ably do this, attention must be paid to the RFP drawings. Here, the facility resembles the design development drawings, modeled on terrain that helps you convey the message.

Click here for links to other examples: see the plan from other views: 1→, 2→, 3→. Take a look at 4d facility construction details: 1→, 2→, 3→, 4→. Take a peek underground or see crane coverage.

This page last modified Wednesday 7 February 2018.