Setting the Stage

Ever wish there were a way to magically take all the clutter — parked cars, trees, temporary trailers, what have you — out of an aerial picture so your construction or real estate plan shines through clearly?

There is a way! Vinci ClearSite™ takes all the things that just happen to be on a worksite image and removes them, clearing the stage for your construction strategy. The process is quick and easy and is one of the first things done on most of Vinci’s projects. Vinci uses offset sampling to convincingly remove the clutter so that the site looks as it would without them. Vinci also can advance a worksite to appear is it is projected to appear when construction starts so that you can begin on “Day One” and not have to continually explain away an annoyingly outdated image.

Examples of Branding in Construction Visualization

Here are a dozen examples of branding on construction site fencing, gates, equipment, and signage. Click on an image below to visit an Example Page.

cleared parking lot aerial cleared parking lot aerial  

Eliminate annoying clutter on the worksite so you can talk construction.

Clear the way for your construction message.

cleared construction yard cleared worksite zone  

Make way for temporary traffic channelization!

Get things set for “Day One”.


This page last modified Tuesday 5 January 2016.