Why does everything have to be so blinkin’ complicated?

I hope my fellow architects don’t pull my club membership when I say this, but, yes, architecture can be fussy. Gotta be in the exact center of the courtyard. Needs to be perfectly aligned with dawn on solstice. Surface to be smoother than a baby seal’s rear end. Come on.

When we get down to it, elite Owners and top notch architects are demanding because it’s gotta be right. We can understand that. Your crews understand that. Vinci LLC understands that as well.

Consider this. Fussy architecture is a chance for a builder to prove they can do the job right. Vinci visuals are perfect accompaniment for making such a case. Fussiness is an opportunity if you know what are the key concepts.

Fussiness starts with a simple concept and only is fussy when rubber hits the road. Aspiring organizations, higher purposes, expression of purpose (a sort of advertisement through architecture) are all common forms of “fussiness”. If you can identify why a project is fussy, oftentimes you’ve got a start on the key to winning the job.

It’s been our pleasure to have been involved on many "fussy" architecture projects; some had to deal with the “secrets of the universe” or a masive new architectural statement only Vinci’s client understood, and won the job because they understood.

Fussy architecture is good!

Examples of Construction of Fussy Architecture

Here are one dozen examples of get-it-right architecture. Click on an image below to visit an Example Page. Check out the blue links for further examples or information!

Ivy University Art Museum Expansion Ivy University Architecture School Healthcare Patient Tower

Boutique architect job, avoiding the subsurface part of the existing boutique design

What’s fussier than a boutique architect's school of architecture? Get to know what’s key on a project like this, and perhaps you’ll win it like Vinci’s client did!

Fancy moves like building over part of an existing facility—a fussy detail you absolutely must get right!

Ivy University Law School Addition Ivy University Humanities Expansion University Residential Village

Replacing an old retaining wall with a semi-underground classroom addition is tricky, but Vinci’s client innovated a way to get it done and won!

Fussiness usually starts with a very simple concept, like filling in a courtyard. That’s really simple, right?

Fussiness sometimes starts by trying to be better than we are now, as efficiently as we can afford. Nothing wrong with that. Show ’em how you’ll get ’em there.

New Steel Frame Cathedral University Science Hall Art Museum Specialty Concrete

Some fussiness comes from dedicating a space to a Higher Power, but doing so in a modern way. This is an opportunity to innovate and shine.

Strutting your stuff is essential if you want to attract business; it also invites a little fussiness.

You wouldn’t be bidding on the job if you didn’t think you could do it. Map it out with Vinci LLC!

Ivy University Research Laboratory Addition Healthcare Sitework University Academic Hall

Plans say the column HAS to go right through Dr. Einstein’s vibration sensitive lab. Show doc how you’ be as careful as possible using Vinci worksite sections.

Landscape architects can be fussy too. This work might make a hospital a more pleasant place to be. Show ’em how it’s done with Vinci logistics vignettes.

Fussiness comes from puttin’ on airs. But customers have their expectations and places have to look the part. Show ’em you can get it done.

This page last modified Tuesday 5 September 2017.