Taking It All In

When we think of 4d virtual construction visualization, we normally think of the “big picture” overview, the view that takes everything in from one birds’ eye view.

Vinci LLC has been producing 4d general worksite overviews since its founding in 2004, before it was practical to do so through digital modeling. The first overviews were montages; digital renderings on aerial photographs. These are still useful but far less common. Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite™ service models a construction worksite, key logistics, exacavation, and all, to generate 4d overviews, 4d worksite details, and vignettes from practically any viewpoint you desire.

A good overview shows all major activity from a single viewpoint to avoid distracting the audience. Sometimes that isn’t possible. Tall buildings or deep pits can block activity from view. Some projects have phases that are located on the other side of an existing facility—you’ll need multiple views to see everything. Other projects have multiple significant engagements and each will warrant their own view.

We can use 4d worksite details to see these blocked or special cases, as well as any time you think the audience would be interested in “zooming in” on any particular operation or component.

Vinci LLC can produce 4d overviews for virtually any construction project, even subsurface, underwater, or deep underground jobs.

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Examples of 4d General Worksite Overviews

Here are a dozen examples of 4d general worksite overviews. Click on an image below to visit an Example Page. Click the blue links for more information or examples!

4d general construction site overview 4d construction worksite overview hospital addition multi phase medical center expansion 4d construction overview

Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite™ service can produce General Construction Sequences™ from multiple viewpoints

A small and modest overview introduces this hospital addition

All major activity is visible in this overview of a three-component medical center expansion

virtual construction visualization 4d overview two phase 4d virtual construction overview multi phase healthcare 4d hospital construction overview montage

Some projects have key areas of focus that merit major 4d worksite detail sequences. This overview has an enabling parking phase and a building construction phase

Some projects have widely separated component worksites. This overview has a cancer center expansion and a precast parking deck that may as well be standalone overviews

Vinci Construction Montage™ is Vinci LLC’s oldest overview service. Instead of modeling context, it relies on a recent aerial and selective modeling to produce an overview

4d plantwide phasing overview 4d wet infrastructure construction overview 4d high rise construction overview

Overviews can simply introduce plantwide phasing rather than blow-by-blow construction schedule sequencing

Overview subjects can be any outdoor construction, including wet infrastructure and industrial jobs

An overview that shows a high rise and a renovation on the first level of a neighboring building

4d site work construction overview 4d wet infrastructure construction overview 4d university construction overview

Overview projects do not have to involve building construction. This one describes a phased roadway and sitework project with minimal building construction

This overview shows phased construction and demolition, making it easy for the Owner audience to read your company’s construction schedule intent

Overviews do not necessarily need to include the entire construction schedule. This project shows only the first half, focusing on excavation and framing

4d general construction sequence 4d patient tower construction schedule overview 4d excavation university construction logistics overview

Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite™ service enables the generation of overviews from multiple angles (left→ behind→ right→) if desired

Tall or large projects may indicate one or more overviews to take in all project activity. This tower overhangs an existing facility

Landforms or deep excavations may merit alternate overviews, but oftentimes, 4d worksite details do the job well

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