Measure Twice, Cut Once

That’s the old adage. It’s true, we need to validate our construction strategies.

Vinci LLC helps your team validate construction concepts early in the project, even well before the project is yours, so you can talk confidently about your idea. It is not a replacement for professional engineering, surveying, or other later stage due diligience, but it can help win a project or explain a concept to user groups.

Vinci’s powerful schematic plan advancement, Sureplan, VinTerra services help produce a high fidelity model. This model, along with Vinci’s RFP plan processing service, can isolate key facts that your team can leverage for a win.

Structural, existing conditions, or perimeter layout and logistics are the three main sources of fulminating concepts that have helped Vinci LLC’s clients clinch jobs.

This is the true power of upfront worksite modeling, and no one does it better than Vinci LLC!

Examples of Validation Resulting from Visualization

Here are one dozen three examples of construction visualization validating construction strategy. Click on an image below to visit an Example Page. Check out the blue links for further examples or information!

structural frame study scaffold enclosure validation site fence perimeter validation

This example helps validate a project-winning client’s approach to a long cantilevered steel frame

Vinci LLC’s schematic plan advancement service helped its client show an Owner how exteriors would be built. Others were pointing to marked up plans. Vinci’s client won the job

Vinci SurePlan™ also helped validate the location of a construction site fence

bank retention shop drawing validation subsurface existing conditions excavation validation school construction validation

Vinci LLC’s Digital Worksite™ model helped validate bank retention schematics for this excavation, as well as temporary access

Vinci SubVision™ Solid helped validate an excavation concept

Vinci SurePlan™ helps validate existing and proposed conditions, making for an accurate foundation for your construction site strategy

university construction site logistics validation construction site access and logistics validation truck access clearance validation

Honesty is the best policy. Fence needs just a little bump to accommodate a narrow-radius crane, against the stipulation of the RFP. Won anyway

Does your team have clearance for field offices, subs, and general construction circulation around the new parking deck? How much parking are we leaving the Owner?

Vinci SurePlan™ helped validate construction access on this small project

laydown staging clearance strategy validation internal circulation during construction underground utility realignment validation

Vinci LLC isolated instances of longspan steel trusses that would require site assembly. Client showed these laydown validation images. Won the job

Vinci SurePlan™ helped Vinci’s client discuss internal circulation during construction

Excavation for a major storm sewer / underground utility realignment, validated by Vinci VinTerra™ and Digital Worksite™

excavation strategy validation soil remediation strategy validation utility and excavation validation

Vinci LLC’s VinTerra™ digital terrain model helped validate a site excavation strategy

Vinci SurePlan™ and SketchBuild™ helped validate a soil remediation strategy, contributing to a win

Site excavation modeling helped validate a site utility handling strategy

This page last modified Tuesday 5 August 2014.