Vinci Features

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Vinci DWS™
Digital Worksite™
Virtual Construction Site Service

Vinci VCM™
Virtual Construction Montage™
Photo-Montaged General 4d Worksite Overview

Vinci GCS™
General Construction Sequence™
4d Worksite Overview

Vinci DCS™
Detail Construction Sequence™
4d Worksite Detail

Vinci Vignette™
Brief Worksite Studies

Vinci Blitz™
Simple & Quick
3d Construction
Logistics Plans

Vinci VinTerra™
Digital High Resolution Terrain Model

Vinci ClearSite™
Orthoaerial Amendment Service

Vinci SubVision™
Subsurface Structure Representation

Vinci SurePlan™
Scale Assurance and Overlay

Vinci LogistiGraf™
Construction Proposal Graphics

Vinci CentNav™
Presentation Navigation

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College 4D Worksite Overview New University Art Center

Multiphase Healthcare Addition 4D Worksite Overview Parking Deck

Wet Infrastructure 4D Worksite Overview Academic Renovation

Healthcare Proposal Phasing Diagram Hospital Surgery Addition
Logistics plates

Vinci Blitz™

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Fixed-fee 3d Worksite Visualization in a Jiff

You need it later this week or maybe even tomorrow morning. It’s a simple little thing - you don’t need 4d, but you want it to look sweet. You want the certainty of a fixed price. Vinci Blitz™ is for you!

All we need to start is a quick conference, a location (address, etc.), relevant plans, your team’s logistics plan, and we’re off. We don’t dally with terrain or neighbors much, just focus on the worksite. We can build a partially-built building to indicate workflow. Sixteen work hours is considered one “unit” of Blitz™.

Alternatively we can produce a quick 2d construction plan in PDF form. If you’d like both, we’ll need to use two Blitz™ units and need a little more time.

If you’re a frequent customer, Vinci probably has branded equipment that can be assembled to show laydown and staging, and can usually superimpose the image on an aerial or model to gain context. Simply email and we can get started.

Yes there is a volume discount! Prepay for five units and earn a 20% discount!

Please call Vinci LLC at 314-351-7456 for pricing details.

The point of Blitz™ is to get you a great 3d logistics plan fast and cheap.


Ideally the worksite has a single logistics state or phase, with well-defined entries, laydown, staging, and field office locations. The project should be on a site where terrain does not figure into construction strategy, has one or two components that can be seen from a single viewpoint, and the modeling of neighboring structures is purely optional. Vinci LLC will assess the work to judge whether it can be produced in a Blitz™.

Not everything can be Blitzed. For more complex worksites, consider Vinci LLC’s standard hourly service.



* Based on capacity and clear directives. Not a guarantee for all projects.

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