Step by Step

The 4d worksite visualizations are studies of how a construction site changes over time. For scheduling purposes, we might break a worksite into separate phases that may be physical or conceptual. This normally allows one phase to proceed while another is suspended until an enabling event occurs.

Vinci LLC’s convincing construction visualization is atuned to the representation of your phasing / scheduling strategy. Some projects require studying phasing multiple ways. Some require explaining a phasing strategy to an audience. Either way, Vinci LLC can produce a visual that clarifies the strategy for your audience.

Many examples of 4d schedule simulations appear in the “overview” page. This set of examples concentrates on alternate phasing, delineation of phases, or the explanation of distinct phases of work.

Examples of Phasing in Construction Visualization

Here are a dozen examples of terrain in construction visualization. Click on an image below to visit an Example Page. Check out the blue links for further examples or information!

For examples of projects with multiple components (sometimes called multiphase), see campuswide. For examples of 4d general worksite overviews, see overview.

precast garage phasing options landscape phasing general renovation logistics plan

Phasing study for a precast concrete garage (as opposed to various “phases” 1→ 2→ 3→ 4→ or components of this campuswide healthcare expansion)

Various phases in the construction of a roundabout and sitework.

A logistics plan for renovation construction, and a typical example of client input

utility trench phasing scheduling university off-campus residential phasing scheduling civic justice tower phasing scheduling

Phases in the schedule of a university campus electric utility trench project. There is an east and a west trench phase

Scheduling and phasing of a two-unit off-campus university student housing development. See one of the components and the associated excavation

A civic project with demolition/concrete, exterior, sitework, and access elevator phases

university art museum expansion interior phase university law school expansion scheduling options future phase of proposed university expansion

Interior phase for a university art museum expansion

The schedule and phasing of this university law school addition has an alternate scheme

Future phase of a university academic expansion

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